prime - guest worksGreetings! My name is Prime, the Embodiment of Good, and I’m here to show you all the guest art that’s been done for our various characters and universes.


Neil Kapit of Ruby Nation shows us Elvin’s terrible revenge.


John Ratajski shows us a night when Perverto’s Harry Potter Erotica night didn’t go as planned.


This guest comic is from the Rev. Vas Littlecrow Wojtanowicz, who has a multitude of worthwhile things.


Michael Yakutis of Comics Underdogs (and a lot of other stuff) brings us this image of M with the wrong hat.


Michael Yakutis also did this to commemorate Area 42’s spotlight.


This was a gift from the 2013 Web Comic Secret Santa. The person who got me is Sheryl Schopfer of Deer Me.


This is an excellent April Fool’s Day comic from Dawn Dictionary Drama’s John Bintz,
part of the Webcomic Underdogs April Fool’s Day Switcheroo 2014!


Here’s David Swanson’s OSF Galatea excellent art, part of the 2014 Comic Underdog Secret Santa!


Here’s some art from Jrej of Shades of Men, and is part of the Web Comic Secret Santa Exchange.


Here’s some art from DoryH of Poharex, which is about dinosaurs. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that he’d revisit the very first Area 42 with its space plesiosaur. I daresay that this version is a heck of a lot more intimidating than the original. In addition to DoryH’s comic, you can look at their DeviantArt.


Here’s another guest thing guest thing is from Neil Kapit of Ruby Nation, whose design was so good it was incorporated into the comic.


Here’s a Beatles-inspired pin-up is from Robert Brower of PMFC.

The Embodiment of Pinkness (Bubbly)

And another comic from Robert Brower of PMFC, revealing M’s terrible secret!

Processed with MOLDIV

Here’s another one by Jrej, this time showcasing just a whole bunch of people. You got Mykor, Andre, Subject M, Tale, Deity Guy, Milty, and even Extre-M and they’re all Star Wars guys. This, too, was part of the Webcomic Secret Santa Exchange.

By Lukas "Lu" Draxl of Piece of Me

By Lukas “Lu” Draxl of Piece of Me


Andy Purviance of I, Mummy provides last year’s Halloween image.


These differ from crossovers since they do not include any decidedly non-Fictospheric characters.

These differ from crossovers since they do not include any decidedly non-Fictospheric characters.