dg - crossoversHello there! I’m Deity Guy, the Embodiment of Neutrality, and this page is going to get filled with crossover stories featuring our characters interacting with characters from other aspects of the Fictosphereand beyond! There’s been a decent amount of them so far, so keep an eye out on this page!


Underdogs Halloween Party 2014, drawn by scads of artists and put together by Sean Martin of Doc and Raider.


Gual presents a crossover between his comic and PC/MS. They’re very happy about it.

By Neil Kapit of Ruby Nation

By Neil Kapit of Ruby Nation

Parody comic by the Steampunk Gorgon Team

Parody Comic from the Steampunk Gorgon Team


 You’ll be able to find a list of cameos, both from within and without this multiverse, on the Wiki.