Milty: Hello, disgusting flesh-pods. Today, I’m here with Kevin of Rhapsodies.
Kevin: Are you some sort of toaster?
Milty: I’m the sort of toaster who can speak, float, and regret having people come in to be interviewed. So, no. The only thing I have in common with toasters is that I can get rather heated and if you stick a knife in me it’ll go very poorly for you.
Kevin: Oh… Right sorry… CYLON, got it.
Milty: I suppose that’s a bit better than toaster. I can work with Cylon, if that’s how you choose to process all of this.
Kevin: Fine… Whatever, I –
Milty: First and foremost, how and why are you able to sleep so much and so easily?
Kevin: I do? Uh… I don’t know what the others have been telling you but….
Milty: You’ve been dragged hither and yon across your world and you take everything in stride. Nothing fazes you, does it?
Kevin: Huh? I don’t think so, the Circle Band plays all sorts of music, and I’ve been into all sorts of things!
Milty: A lesser man would have been driven to dribbling madness by this point. Of course, a greater man would have used the opportunities you’ve been given to become a legend, but that’s neither here nor there. Tell me more about your life as a drummer.
Kevin: What’s there to know? They give me the music, I play it. Sometimes they want me to do a solo or something like that, but mostly I just keep the beat.
Milty: On the same note… ha, an unintended pun, of sorts! Because we’re discussing music! You see, because notes are a music thing, and… it wasn’t actually very funny, was it?
Kevin: Uh… no, and I don’t think it was unintended either.
Milty: …anyway, what brought you to the Circle Band?
Kevin: The #7 bus.
Milty: Do you consider yourself close to any of your band mates?
Kevin: I don’t know, they’re all cool… Michelle’s nice.
Milty: [Looks over notes] Now, it looks like our time is just about up, but I can’t really send you home because I’m not sure where your home is. Do you just live where the Circle Band headquarters is?
Kevin: No. But I would rather you put me back where I was, things were just starting to get interesting.
Milty: I see. Well then, thank you for you time, Kevin. I wish you the best of luck in your inevitable December hi-jinks, and I’d usually erase your memory of this, but I don’t think it’d really make any difference.
Kevin: So… I’m not going to get any toast?
Milty: If you can find a slot on me to put toast, I will give you toast. Good god, why am I giving him ideas? No, no toast! Off with you!
[Kevin is teleported back]

Milty Reviews Comics is property of Mike Podgor.
Kevin and Rhapsodies are creations of W. P. Morse. Thank you for providing the image and going along with this!