Milty’s year had started off well enough. First, he gained cognizance and after some brief training, he was introduced to Ceesia and told to review comics and web comics. Things almost immediately started getting weird, with an unseen boss sending Milty various other beings to test his patience. Some were all right to talk to, some were annoying, but all Milty wanted to do was review comics. He did not want to go on adventures, but adventures were had anyway. Things still hadn’t righted themselves, and most recently, Milty’s boss had sent an intern. Ceesia had taken to calling this intern Rodney, but he had so far proven to be only annoying. Training him was inhibiting Milty’s ability to review, and the intern wasn’t proving to be much help.

Now, Milty’s boss had sent word that Milty was to summon Subject M and Metallic Spheroid. Milty had not experienced Metallic Spheroid’s comic yet, and had no idea what it was about, but Milty had given Rodney only one instruction: make a banner that said Merry Christmas. The intern, instead, did Happy Holidays in case either of the guests happened to not celebrate Christmas. Not that it mattered now. Milty dug up a short book he had written during his regrettable down time and handed them to his guests. It was all he had for them, and he really hoped they wouldn’t be spending too much time there.