There’s a reason why Xavier isn’t very concerned about anyone with an excessive amount of super-powers. Find out what reason that is soon! Also, we talked about Grim Guardian and Grimdark a little bit here, but we’ll talk about the other two later. Just know they’re very competent, if only intermittently. Grim Guardian is (currently) teamless, Grimdark is a member of the Paragon People (this universe’s Justice League/Avengers), Meerkat is a member of the Neo-Paragons, and the Forgiver is a member of the Astounding Super Syndicate and most of them bring trouble with them.

Anyway, while it’s been a while since we’ve updated, the Green Dove hasn’t been idle. He got beat on by a bunch of teenagers from Obscuria and had a team-up with Kaza’s Mate, Gwenna.