The character is semi-autobiographical, at least in his psychological state, and based upon a character I created in the fifth grade. That was a notable year because it was the year I first started suffering from depression. I didn’t know what was happening, nor how to describe it to anyone, so I just suffered silently. It ebbed and flowed over the year, and as of the last comic that was posted to this site, I seemed to have a handle on things. This was also the last time I actually felt like doing much of anything because my desire to do anything creative (almost anything at all) just vanished.

Over the next several months, things were busy in other ways that were alternatively very stressful and relaxing. I was still able to get some things done but it was an uphill battle to do much of anything. A flash-fiction which should have taken me less than an hour to complete took the better part of a week. While this story ultimately won second place in a contest, it didn’t galvanize me in the way I would have liked. Instead, my mental state just kept deteriorating. Then, at the beginning of November, I suffered two more losses which were not too out of the ordinary and I allowed myself several days of recovery time. I assumed I would feel better and get back to work.

While there were fitful starts, nothing really happened.

Over time, I realized I didn’t want to do anything. I wasn’t really able to do anything. More so, I was starting to view myself as something far different. Something devoid of hope. Something terrible.

Now I am trying to get back to where I was, in a lot of ways. So I am going back to where it all began and trying to excise my depression through comics. I don’t know if this will actually work or if anything will come of it, but we shall see.