1. A collection of fictional universes, with each universe having its own theme or genre (pulp, spy, supernatural, etc.).  This collection of universes (or, “multiverse”) is ruled by a common pantheon of omnipotent Embodiments who, like the gods of old, may at times interact with the characters below.
  2. A creative collaborative effort comprised of writers, artists, and entertainers who have known each other for over a decade.
  3. A publishing imprint indicating that a written work, game, video, podcast, audio drama, or comic is part of the Fictosphere multiverse, of the Fictosphere creative collaboration, or, more often than not, of both at the same time.

“Universes of entertainment for your perusal.”


MIKE PODGOR is called so because he was birthed from a gory pod sent from beyond the stars to Earth. While he may have amazing abilities beyond the ken of mortal men, he doesn’t know about them and largely just writes stories and draws comics. He dwells in the frozen north of Ohio with his sole companion, the star-hound Lucas, and whiles away his days perfecting his craft. Earth’s atmosphere may be driving him insane, so be wary around him, but he is mostly harmless.
Small Victories

RANDALL MALUS has evolved far past being a simple human being and has transcended their petty needs and wants, eschewing things like food, sleep, and physicality for the labors of the mind. He can manipulate vocabulary to do his bidding and uses this skill to ensure all of The Fictosphere’s works are as advanced as he. This leaves him no time for you and your childish questions.
Malus and Mayhem


JEFFREY HOLLOWAY is an ethereal entity from beyond this plane of existence and can only dwell upon the Earth for precious few hours each day. He uses this for the pursuit of human pleasures and debauchery beyond imagining. While he typically considers humanity beneath his notice, he can alter the topography of worlds with a single thought