charleston Charleston Charge is a paranormal investigator and orphan who is oblivious when it comes to normal human interactions. This is why his best friends are an alien and a robot. He enjoys waffles and Yoo-Hoo and is occasionally up for some decent sci-fi movies or television. He has regrets about females.
M Subject M is an alien who traveled to Earth trapped in an orb and he did some stuff that he doesn’t like to talk about. He has a very healthy appetite for what can be described as geek pop culture. Also, soft drinks with no ice in them. He has a nifty hat that can shoot stuff. He had a disc but he lost it. Oh, and he used to be the star of a cruddy Nickelodeon show but managed to get out of his contract by posing nude on Twitter. Yeah, he’s naked all the time anyway. Don’t think about it, and also don’t think about how he can type or play video games without any thumbs. Also, M is in a video game.
perverto Perverto is a perverted robot. He likes nudity, and also violence. There is a future version of him that also likes The Truman Show. Perverto came from Castle Valerium, where there’s two scientists and some other robots.
crystal Crystal Zephyr is a vaguely Asian girl with ice powers she can hardly control, a low tolerance for alcohol, and a sick obsession with erotic fiction featuring M and various Sonic the Hedgehog characters. She also has a crush on Charleston. She claims to have really specific amnesia.

Edolie DePrit – Member of CREW, a government agency dedicated to investigating weird stuff. Assisted by Rahne Way.
Elvin Clovar – Once a normal (if super arrogant) geek, now an officially sanctioned wizard. His cousin Sile is a vampire.
Elliot – A very disturbed wizard who wants M for some reason. The slutty demon Lyssa is his familiar.
Ezekiel – Some sort of malevolent tech user, assisted by the warrior Larry.
F’haat Tohtoa– The legal arm of Area 42 Investigations. Also, a dog-man who came to Earth to fulfill his destiny.
Floyd the Demonic Garbage Truck – Pretty self-explanatory. Able to cross the universal border to some extent.
J – An alien woman who likes hitting things, assisted by Nico and A.
The Loveland Frog – A cryptid who is a giant bipedal frog. He owns and operates a bar. Also, very nonchalant about things.
Michael Smith – A perfectly normal human male, except not at all. He’s a science teacher. Also, an alien.
Monty Larson – He held M captive and wound up mortally injured, and then altered, and now who knows.
Player One – A gamer who is also an ultra-violent member of the supernatural-fighting Pax Custodes. Aided by Player Two, Player Three, and Player Four.
The Embodiment of Potentiality – He looks into other universes and is very loud.
The Stupid – The Embodiment of Evil. He’s bad news.
Azurank – He showed up to give the main guys a ride to a party. It was in another universe.

1. Introduction – Again, self-explanatory.
2. Party Game of Thrones – M and Charleston get into Game of Thrones for a party at a comic shop that results in an RPG duel. Also, Perverto arrives.
3. Perfectly Normal Things – Charleston attempts to investigate a weird guy. It goes badly.
4. Charleston Alone  – Subject M and Perverto vanish, and Charleston is convinced to give normalcy a try.
5. Nine Worlds Custom Tourney – M returns for a video game tournament that results in a demon battle. Perverto also returns.
6. Distractions – Subject M attempts National Novel Writing Month, but is distracted by Doctor Who. Oh, and everyone gets imprisoned by C.R.E.W.
7. A-42 for Life – Director Shefford attempts to turn Area 42 into a reality show. It does not go well. Like, people die and stuff.
8. Back to Basics – Things jump ahead sixteen months. Charleston is angsty. M is generally unchanged. There is a water wizard and an ice monster.
9. Case 01: The Evil Children – Charleston and new recruit Crystal are hired to protect an old lady from a bunch of wonked-out kids. Meanwhile, M and Perverto go to a party.
10. Word War  Subject M and Crystal engage in a word war. Oh, and M and Charleston witness an incursion from another universe that leads Charleston and Perverto to embark on a quest to reach Detroit. Crystal winds up getting drunk.
11. Christmas at Castle Valerium – After a month of failed attempts, Charleston returns for M and Crystal. More failed attempts to reach Detroit follow, except one that kind of succeeds. Also, Floyd almost kills a lot more people than he actually does.