As you may know, the Fictosphere has several releases on Amazon (in case you weren’t aware, they’re here and here) but a complete lack of reviews which is a problem since if you don’t hit a certain threshold, Amazon doesn’t really care about your book. We’d like some help with that and, in exchange for that help, we’re willing to help you, too! At the bottom of this post you’ll find a link that’ll lead to a forum thread dedicated to a review exchange and the rules of the exchange are very simple, really:

You leave us a review. We’ll leave you a review.

The key with any of these reviews is to help each other. If you truly love or hate our work, then let it be known. We need to be constructive, though, and we need to also be civil. We’ll do the same for you. It’s very important that we don’t spam up the works, however. So just follow the link and we can help each other out. It’ll be great. It’ll be really great. You’ll all see.

Forum Link