If you follow us on Twitter or Tumblr, you might be aware that a sequel to Area 42 is in the works and I was waiting to announce anything formally until I was sure it was actually going to be a thing and until I had a name for it, and now that I have four comics ready to go and a name for it, I feel it’s time to actually announce the new comic. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you…
Now, you may be asking: why not just keep on doing comics under the Area 42 name? Why not use a variation of Area 42? What is this comic about? Here’s some questions and answers for you:
Q: Why aren’t you including Area 42 anywhere in the name?
A: Not to get too into things, but since the last Area 42 comic, a lot has happened that’ll be touched upon lightly. Basically, the government declassified Riverwood and Charleston’s investigation business changed hands and names. Therefore, there’s nothing in-universe that carries the Area 42 name. Out of universe, there’s 250 comics in the Area 42 archive and a lot of meandering. Changing names gives me a new direction to go with these characters and, hopefully, an ability to keep focus.

Q: What is this comic about?
A: When we last left our heroes, well, they left us. Now Charleston and Crystal are back and things have gone to hell in the meantime. You’ll see how bad things have gotten in the first few weeks.

Q: Who’s in this?
A: Charleston, Crystal, and a third character are the focus.  Here they are:

Charleston ChargeCrystal ZephyrNo Idea

Things have gotten bad, and the face of that is Elvin Clovar, but he’s hardly the only thing they’ll have to deal with. Characters from Area 42 will pop up (Edolie DePrit is still about, for example) but there’s a new cast. Everyone else is off doing other stuff. Subject M is in Zeitgeist, Perverto is off doing his own thing (which will be a comic at some point), and all that.

Q: When will it start?
A: May 9th, and it’ll update weekly at first. Depending on how things go, it may get more updates per week, but for now, one page a week.

Q: Why end Area 42?
A: I felt it needed to be over in that form, but I’m far from done with the characters, obviously.

If anyone else has anything to ask, well, there’s a comments section for a reason.