Do you yearn for the days of manly men committing acts of daring do? Do you ache for a return to a time when the skin and skull of civilization was just a bit thicker? Then you’re in luck, because the Fictosphere is proud to present another uncovered Dirk Manley adventure, Chuck Lucky and the Tomb of Odin!


Join he-man brainiac Chuck Lucky (don’t call him “mister”!) and his bumbling English manservant Hornyak Frink (we know, that’s redundant!) as they travel to the lush jungles of South America to investigate strange goings-on at the tomb of the king of the Norse gods, Odin. Watch in amazement as Chuck Lucky uses both his brains and his brawn to outwit the traps laid before him by a mysterious pursuer! Shiver with terrified anticipation as Hornyak Frink is nothing more than a wet blanket covering the otherwise exciting proceedings! Hang upon each word as you devour this classic pulp adventure for the first time in years thanks to the legendary Dirk Manley, with some able editing by Michael Greenvale!

Chuck Lucky and the Tomb of Odin is available for the first time in decades for your Kindle for the princely sum of two hundred and ninety-nine pennies! Come get your digital copy today and if you like this, then keep your eyes peeled for more Dirk Manley goodness!

Chuck Lucky and the Tomb of Odin – $2.99

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