Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages!  I have an announcement to make!


Just in time to coincide with the film release of the Austin Powers in Goldmember knock-off known as SPECTRE, Randall Malus (me) and The Fictosphere proudly present to you the inaugural chapter of Roger Hammersmith’s MI-13 saga:



Agent Chaste is missing, and it’s up to the misfits at MI-13 to rescue him.  But first, the team must stop a member of the nefarious terrorist organization known as Zodiac from winning a blackjack tournament and forming an alliance with the Soviets!  Are Chaste’s disappearance and the tournament somehow related?  Who from MI-13 will be chosen to bankrupt Zodiac’s agent?  How much can MI-13’s mission controller drink before his liver fails?

Find out within the first few pages of All In On Dead, a pulp parody that evokes the tropes of the super-spy genre and turns them on their collective head!  Fans of espionage thrillers in the tradition of Ian Fleming and Robert Ludlum will find plenty to keep them entertained, and those who aren’t fans of espionage thrillers will also find plenty to keep them enthralled–though less so than normal people (who generally are fans of espionage thrillers).


“Well, it certainly was something I read.” – George Stark

“You can write?” – Eric the Nelson

“Argh, reading?  This feels like school!” – Rufus Pribbs

All In On Dead: An MI-13 (Mis)Adventure is available at Amazon’s Kindle Store for the low price of $2.99.  Don’t delay–climate change is said to be an actual thing, and thus tomorrow is not guaranteed to us!  SO BUY YOUR COPY TODAY!

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